Our Team

Advanced Psychiatric Associates is an integrated team of psychiatrists, an advanced practice psychiatric nurse, a clinical psychologist, and a clinical social worker. We provide a full range of comprehensive services to children, adolescents, and adults.

Our providers have expertise in multiple sub-specialties in psychiatry including child and adolescent psychiatry; geriatric psychiatry; and, addiction psychiatry. Additionally, our providers welcome patients who need complex pharmacotherapy or suffer with treatment refractory conditions.

We are able to offer psychotherapies with our clinical psychologists.

Sergio Yero, MD, FAPA
Wilbert D. Yeung
Wilbert D. Yeung, MD
Amanda B. Carlin
Amanda B. Carlin, PhD
Christopher Scovell, DO
Edgar Lopez, MD
Katherine Niedt, MD, MHA
Ethan Isidro, MD
Karen Papavasiliou
Karen Papavasiliou, APN
Caroline Murray, MSN, APN
Lauren Ismaiel, MSN, APN

Patient Testimonials

 by Alvaro Hernández on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

I feel like a whole new person compared to the last year and I have the amazing Dr Yero to thank for that. He has been so very supportive and every part caring, and without him I don’t know if I’d be in the position I am now. I have learned so much about myself and feel far more in control of myself and my life.

 by Jacqueline Burrow on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

I was referred  to Dr Yero for a second opinion. I had been diagnosed and under treatment for over two years with minimum improvement. My condition was not a rare one, but apparently it is commonly misdiagnosed. It took Dr Yero just one consultation to properly diagnose me and prescribe the treatment that has literally changed my life. I have no words to describe how thankful I am of being his patient. Thank you Dr Yero!

 by Anonymous on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

My son has been seeing Dr Yero for several years now and has had medical issues as well. No other doctor has helped him but Dr Yero did testing and found out results with diagnosis finally. He is a wonderful doctor who I have great respect for and very knowledgeable and spends time to listen to his patients. So so thankful for Dr Yero who is a great physician and very compassionate with his patients. Thank you again for helping us

 by Jose Alejandro Q on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

Dr Yero is the best Psiquiatra doctor I’ve ever met, thanks yo him a recovered completely from depression Episode

Dr Yero is the best psychiatrist, I know what I'm saying, I was in a very dark place and with him I could be me again, many years ago and it's still the best, thank you doctor

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