Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Reclaim Your Life From Depression

FDA-approved technology that can provide you with long-term remission from your depression, anxiety, OCD or PTSD.

TRANSCRANIAL MAGNETIC STIMULATION (TMS) is a revolutionary treatment that has changed the field of mental healthcare, Deep TMS has been FDA-cleared to safely and effectively treat Major Depressive Disorder through BrainsWay’s patented H-coil technology.

Deep TMS works by utilizing a magnetic field that manages to directly reach wider and deeper brain regions, regulating the neural activity of brain structures related to depression – specifically the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC).

Repeated peer-reviewed studies have found Deep TMS to be a highly effective treatment that can facilitate a profound improvement in patients’ mental health, alleviating symptoms of depression and contributing to a significantly greater quality of life.

As a non-invasive procedure, Deep TMS is a well-tolerated treatment that does not cause any adverse or long-lasting side effects. It does not require a significant recovery period, and the 20-min treatment can easily be integrated into each patient’s day-to-day schedule.

At Advanced Psychiatric Associates we have partnered with BrainsWay, a company dedicated to developing and providing advanced solutions for brain disorders using its revolutionary technology.

BrainsWay’s Deep TMS flagship technology is based on the H-Coil, which features a novel patented structure designed to maximize electrical stimulation of deep brain regions and includes the following unique features:

  • Coil elements tangential to the head and close to target brain regions
  • Flexible base suited to head shape
  • Convergence of numerous electric pulses from various directions
  • Coil elements parallel to target bundles
  • Location of return paths of electrical impulses remote from target area

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