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 by Alvaro Hernández on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

I feel like a whole new person compared to the last year and I have the amazing Dr Yero to thank for that. He has been so very supportive and every part caring, and without him I don’t know if I’d be in the position I am now. I have learned so much about myself and feel far more in control of myself and my life.

 by Jacqueline Burrow on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

I was referred  to Dr Yero for a second opinion. I had been diagnosed and under treatment for over two years with minimum improvement. My condition was not a rare one, but apparently it is commonly misdiagnosed. It took Dr Yero just one consultation to properly diagnose me and prescribe the treatment that has literally changed my life. I have no words to describe how thankful I am of being his patient. Thank you Dr Yero!

 by Anonymous on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

My son has been seeing Dr Yero for several years now and has had medical issues as well. No other doctor has helped him but Dr Yero did testing and found out results with diagnosis finally. He is a wonderful doctor who I have great respect for and very knowledgeable and spends time to listen to his patients. So so thankful for Dr Yero who is a great physician and very compassionate with his patients. Thank you again for helping us

 by Jose Alejandro Q on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

Dr Yero is the best Psiquiatra doctor I’ve ever met, thanks yo him a recovered completely from depression Episode

Dr Yero is the best psychiatrist, I know what I'm saying, I was in a very dark place and with him I could be me again, many years ago and it's still the best, thank you doctor

 by Anonymous on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

Saved my life... I've been a patient with Yero for 8 yrs. Addiction. There were times (ONLY in the beginning) I truly hated Dr Y & in hindsight, I am eternally grateful for those times. Dr. Yero knew exactly what was going on & I just didn't like that I couldn't manipulate the man... Addiction teaches us to be Masters at this. He outsmarted me & got me on track. It's hard to recover. That's not his fault, but if you TRULY want the help you will find it with Sergio Yero ... IF YOU ARE GOING THERE TO SCORE SOME MEDS TO GET THRU A PERIOD OF TIME HE WILL KNOW SO DON'T GO. Otherwise, I can honestly say Dr Yero and for a time, Dr. Ortiz took me from my worst and held my hand through to getting my life back. 8 years later, I still see him. Time: they (psychiatrists) don't have the time most expect to get. Yero is not much different. So I recommend PROPER TIME SCHEDULING when you set up. Highly recommend.

 by Anonymous on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

As a patient for 6 years, I highly recommend Dr. Yero. He is extremely insightful when considering treatment solutions, and will consistently treat patients with empathy and respect. With a vast knowledge of psychiatric conditions, Dr. Yero is great at explaining the intricacies of a disorder as well as the chemical effects of medication on the brain. He is very attentive when addressing patient concerns, and conducts himself with integrity and honest character.

 by Anonymous on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

The Best! He’s the BEST doctor that has ever happened to my husband! Highly highly recommend. Truly a Brilliant and amazing doctor. I thank the lord everyday we found him.

 by Anonymous on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

Dr. Yero is very smart and personable. He went out of his way to help me when I had other medical issues. He seems truly interested patient's welfare and in further learning about the science of psychiatry. He was there for me when I was at the most difficult moment of my life. When I would leave his office after a session, I felt strong and more capable. He is a gem.

 by Anonymous on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

If I could give him 6 stars I would. Always available when needed. He's patient & cares for my well-being. He is determined & tenacious in his treatment of illness. Generous with his time & willingness to go above & beyond other drs. A unique practitioner in his approach to my treatment. His team is exceptional & an asset to the practice. I walk into my appointments feeling hopeless & leave feeling hopeful. In the 20 yrs. been dealing with depression, never experienced such wonderful care.

 by SM in Fair Lawn, NJ on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

I have personally been seeing Dr. Sergio Yero for over two years while other members of my family see two other doctors in the practice namely, Dr. Wilbert Yeung and Dr. Eileen Zhivago. This is the rare doctor and the rare practice that strikes a perfect balance between competent expertise and professionalism with compassion and genuineness. I recommend Advanced Psychiatric Associates very highly.

 by Anonymous on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

My daughter has been a patient of Dr. Yero's for over ten years. She was extremely ill for a very long time when she initially came to him. Dr. Yero's intelligence, expertise in medications, compassion, caring, deep understanding and insight brought out the best in her. My daughter has become nothing short of a miracle and I attribute her amazing progress to Dr. Yero. He truly is a very special doctor.

 by Anonymous on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

Can't say enough how much Dr. Yero have helped me. Compassionate, caring, and extremely intelligent. Has seen me when I can only pay half of the fee and doesn't judge you on that.

 by Bellini K in Ridgewood, NJ on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

I've been seeing Dr. Yero for the past two years for lots of different issues that I had to work on. And two years later my quality of life has changed for the better tremendously. Never before had I ever looked forward to see a doctor, but with Dr. Yero, I can't wait until my appointment. Truly, he is one of the best Doctor and a human being that cares about you. He is truly the "BEST" I hope to continue to work with him for as long as I can.

 by Saddle Brook on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

I took my mother to Dr Yero for severe depression. She suffered from depression/anxiety due to several health issues. He made all the difference in my mothers life (and mine) he was very understanding and never made her feel like she was hopeless. Always left very uplifted and knew she would feel good once again. She is in her 80's and is doing so much better nearing her 88th ... Dr. Yero was our miracle maker and I am so fortunate that he was available to treat my mom.

 by Glen Rock, NJ on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

Dr. Yero is a great Psychiatrist. He has helped me so much with my Depression. There was a time where I thought I could not work, could not function. I had been to many psychiatrists that rushed me in and out of the office. Dr. Yero listened to me, spent time with me, made me feel that he really cared about me. I felt he understood what I was going through and treated me accordingly. I have been so much better. People would be lucky to be treated by him.

 by Hackensack, NJ on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

Dr. Yero is an exceptional physician in a field where it is often difficult to find a highly competent compassionate Dr. We found Dr Yero when our son was hospitalized and have been seeing him the past six years. Through good mental health and bad Dr Yero has been a skilled clinician, with his knowledge not only of medications but also exhibiting compassion and respect to our son and family . He provides excellent care in his office but is always available when needed outside office

 by Peter in West New York, NJ on Advanced Psychiatric Associates

I like his style. Seeing him for 2 years and I am doing much much better. My anxiety and my depression are gone. Not intending to stop treatment with him.

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